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Autisme Centrum Haarlem strives to give people with Autism and those with the syndrome of Asperger a chance at a fulfilling life. Autisme Centrum Haarlem aims to achieve this goal by lending special care in the form of lifecycle – and family counseling, individual coaching, and customised training courses. The purpose of these channels is to facilitate a positive process of change and attainable improvement for people with Autism.

Attainable improvements include: increasing self-reliance regarding one’s living situation and the establishment of a safe environment within the home, school, (daycare) facility, and workplace. Additionally, goals such as the completion of an education, entering into and maintaining relationships, and finding and holding a job are striven towards as well.

Our qualities


Life wide Learning

Autism Centre Haarlem is focussed on an achievable positive change process for everyone with Autism.


We obtain optimal results by providing workshops, peer to peer coaching and customised training courses. Please review our business services!


Individual coaching sessions aimed to provide (personal) leadership and professionalization with respect to their own role and position within the organisation.

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