Autism, what’s next..?

Autism is a birth brain defect where sufferers cannot process information correctly. Therefore, it could be difficult for a person with autism to: communicate, maintain new contacts, feel empathy for others, deal with change, plan and organise


The challenges for people with autism are mainly in the area of social contact and behaviour. Most will have difficulties with understanding other people’s feelings as well as social situations. This is one reason why most people with autism can be misread which can cause misunderstandings and miscommunications. As a result, people with autism find it difficult to initiate and maintain social contacts, uphold school situation and/or follow up education and encounter obstacles in initiating new relationships and finding new occupations. In many other areas, autism appears to be a problem. High levels of stress and incomprehension are experienced by many families where there is a person with autism. What is the best way to deal with the consequences that autism brings in their day to day life? As for the person with autism as well as their parents, sisters, brothers it can bring unbearable and miserable situations!

Many children, youngsters but also adults choose to avoid social contact to escape problems which results in a reduction of quality of life, breaking down at school or work, or even worse if they feel there is nothing to live for.

People with autism, in all phases of their lives can make changes as long as they have the correct support. In addition, everyone including school/parents/carers, support workers, teachers and employers should be well informed. If this is not the case, it has been noted that their lack of knowledge will increase the problems in social interaction and behaviour for the person with autism as the environment is seen as unstructured, unsafe and misconstrued.


Autism Centre Haarlem is making a difference by providing a good structured customised program, where high demands are being made of the experts at Autism Centre Haarlem taking into account the individual needs of the client, their parents/partners and possibly others involved. Besides, Autism Centre Haarlem is specialised in the support and guidance of people with autism to create a true environment and foundation for their clients in this regulated world with employers, schools, universities and housing-corporations. This will help them find their way and making the more challenging decisions in life.


Autism Centre Haarlem offers answers on those questions that are important for people with autism.

Within the cooperation, you can trust that the goals that we set within this program will be reached.  Objectives like improving school situation/ home situation, finding a job, ensuring   meaningful daily activities, study completion, initiating relationships, achieving a higher level of independence at home or in another area are all achievable and realistic goals for a person with autism.  All these investments will eventually lead to a broader development and diversity of possibilities – and create opportunities for the person with autism. The change process will accomplish improvement in important personal matters like; stress and conflict reduction, increased self-direction and self-motivation. In brief, growth of their life quality will be put in a positive and reachable light.