Autisme Centrum Haarlem offers answers to life questions that are important for those with Autism.

This is realised by offering guidance in a 4 structured phase support plan incorporating:

  Phase 1       Intake and establish a guidance & support plan
– Free Intake and Introductory Consultation
– Autism Information
– Education on behaviour characteristics related to autism
– Evaluation and establish guidance and support plan

Phase 2       Coaching, Training and Empowerment
The second phase continues by establishing goals in the support plan.

This is a made to measure structured plan where the client is most important.

can trust that the goals that we set together within the collaborated agreed program will be achieved.

Goals including the improvement of the environment at school, family, finding a job, apprenticeship or meaningful daytime activities, completion of education, initiation of relationships and achieving a better self-sufficiency at home/work will be achievable and realistic goals in the life of a person with autism.

Phase 3      Realisation of change process
In the third phase, these investments will lead to a wider development and diversity in opportunities – and will create new chances. The change process will take place, and will especially lead to an existence where important personal matters like; stress reduction – and conflict situations, increase of self-management and motivation, basically an improvement to the quality of life, will come into a positive (and achievable) light.

Phase 4      Self-Management
The client is more or less able to self-manage. We will reduce the guidance and support in a way that fits within the requirements and support-questions of the client.
Age is an important factor in the supply of the phased approach and working method. Autisme Centrum Haarlem is able to supply an individual phased approach for the young as well as old.