Suitable education

Passion and talent for the care of those with special educational needs!

An important motive for Annemarie is to provide an effective contribution towards the positive change process that can be realised within custom education. The goal is to let all parties – from individual to organisation- benefit visibly and measurably in a long term battle for quality in respect of professional handling and obtaining a safe learning environment where students, parents, team-members, management and administration can feel comfortable and supported.

What can ‘Autisme Centrum Haarlem’ provide for you? As we have multiple people working in our network for several disciplines, we are able to review all layers of the organisation. Therefore, we can act in response to the questions that each organisation has. From our experience in the last few years, we understand that applying an idea from one situation to daily tasks requires a lot of management and team involvement.  It does not automatically mean that you would have a perfect fit for an educational requirement, when a decision has been made within the set limitations.  ‘Autisme Centrum Haarlem’ believes in taking advantage of each other’s qualities, observing each other and learning from each other. This is inside as well as outside the school walls.

We would like to map out where the strengths and qualities are of your organisation and team. What are the strengths and what are the areas of development but not to forgetting what are you able/unable to provide?

We would discuss the possibilities and create a plan of action unique to your organisation. The result would not only be the obtained goals, but we also have internal resources trained to put the knowledge and methods into practice. The advantage of this is the best connection to the starting point and to address any specific questions.

We believe in sharing and learning throughout our entire life.  We believe that a lot is going very well already in our current education system and we know for sure that our approach and methods contribute to the development and deepening of a learning organisation. Together we know a lot!

Education, Coaching & Training

An important motivator for Annemarie is the ability to effectively contribute to the positive process of change regarding suitable education.

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